Healthcare and Blockchain @ Consensus 2018


  • May 15
  • Start 3:10 PM EST

Consortium efforts feature heavily in blockchain projects in the healthcare industry. The goal of much of these projects is to unite the disparate processes in healthcare and ultimately improve patient experiences and outcomes. This panel will take a look at strides made in healthcare to implement blockchains as a viable solution to some of the most challenging issues that face healthcare.

  • May 14
  • 3:10 PM EST

Recent years saw a succession of developments that underline the extent to which individual privacy has diminished; Facebook, Equifax, and the list goes on. Cryptocurrencies are perhaps alone in their business goal to give us more privacy and confidentiality rather than less. This panel details the advances of the tools needed to secure privacy and confidentiality from unrelenting technological attacks and business models based on outdated commercial relationships.

  • May 14
  • 11 AM EST

Like Michael Casey’s CoinDesk column, "The Token Economy," this panel will track the big problems, the big ideas and the real solutions that can enable a positive economic transformation. Prominent industry developers, investors and entrepreneurs who have clear ideas about the new incentives and economic forces unleashed on the world.

  • May 15
  • 2:20 PM EST

Twitter trolls, memes, spontaneous fundraisers; Telegram whales, avatars for personal security… the decentralized world is weird for many reasons. This panel gathers some crypto celebrities to talk about the role social media and private communications apps play in the formation of consensus and social scalability among a global community.



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Healthcare at #Consensus2018

May 14-18 - NYC

MyMedBlock User and doctor pointing to DApp